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Shooting Star Performers! (Nov. 18 – 22)

This week was all about stories and plays. We did an assessment activity to see how much they understood story sequence. We took the story of Little Red Riding Hood and made copies of all the pages in the story. We mixed up the pictures and the students then had to put them in the right order from beginning to end in pairs. A lot of the students showed great communication skills while doing this activity.


We had our first rehearsal for the Christmas show on Wednesday in the city. We didn’t practice the song we will perform just the play. We were able to practice it twice while we were there with a couple of song breaks in between. They had fun singing jingle bells and Santa Claus is coming to town in between practices. The students were very excited and showed commitment during the practices. They did a great job and we are all excited to continue our practices to get even better!

クリスマスショーに向けての練習に熱が入ってきたSSの子どもたち。初めての舞台リハーサルを行いました!大きな声ではっきりと台詞を言えたり、ステージ横でも歌って踊ってみんなで一緒に楽しく練習することができました。リハーサルを通して、 楽しかったね!頑張ろうね!という気持ちが より一層やる気が増した子どもたち。本番がとっても楽しみですね!

Thank you for all the support you give to the students and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!