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Texture in Nature (Milky Way and Rainforest)


Hope you had a nice weekend after a fun Halloween. This week was a short yet productive one for the preschoolers as we discuss in class the last element of art that we are going to learn in this unit, and it is texture!

For this week, the Milky Way and Rainforest class had collaborative activities in UOI. We combined our classes and learn about art together!
We learned that there are a lot of things in the environment that have textures and so we use some of the free resources from nature to explore this element of art. Our first activity was a teamwork task that allowed the students to practice what they have learned about the element of color. Branches from trees have a unique rough texture and so we were able to emphasize this characteristic of branches by painting it with different colors. The students did an amazing job mixing colors to create an amazing piece of art.

We also took a nature walk to a nearby shrine and collected objects with different textures. The weather that day was perfect for our short walk and the students got the most out of that experience as they were able to gather some interesting finds. The students then created a patterned art using these materials and they all made a lovely masterpiece.

Thank you for keeping up with the preschoolers! Enjoy the weekend, everyone!