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Milky Way October 7th – 11th

Hello everyone!
We had an amazing week in the Milky Way class as we ended our unit with the highly anticipated event the Amazing Challenge! We had a weeklong preparation for our Unit 3 summative assessment. All the students and the teachers worked hard so our Amazing Challenge will be enjoyable for everyone. It was very timely that Ms. Sheila, a student teacher from the University of Melbourne, came to our classroom this week to lend a helping hand.
今週は予定していた「Amazing Race」でUnitを終わることができた素晴らしい週でした。生徒たちと先生たちはこのアセスメントの為に1週間かけて一生懸命準備してきました。メルボーン大学から研修にきた先生もたくさん手伝ってくれました。

For the Amazing Challenge, the Milky Way class was divided into 2 groups. They are the Team Rocket Stars and Team Hot Chocolate! They made creative and colorful flags for their teams and they also come up with their own essential agreements that all team members must follow during the Amazing Challenge.

The Milky Way class had a great time doing all the tasks in the Amazing Challenge. They practiced what they have learned about Teamwork in accomplishing the challenges prepared for them. In the end, they all received a medal for doing a great job and working together to achieve their goals.

This week was also extra special because we had a football class with two of the members of the Matsumoto Yamaga FC team. The weather that day was so nice and we all had a great time.

Thank you for keeping up with the Milky Way class! Enjoy the long weekend!