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Milky Way September 24th – 27th

Hello everyone!
It was a fun-filled week for the Milky Way class, as we drew closer to the end of Unit 3. We continued discussing the concept of teamwork and this time the students learn the importance of communication in achieving a common goal. We played a game called Pass the Message, where the students need to pass the exact message given by the teacher so that the last person can get the correct items. At first, the students had a hard time passing the message to their groupmates, because some of them were not listening attentively while the others did not deliver the correct message. Soon, they realized that effective communication requires two skills, first is listening and the other one is expressing your thoughts clearly.

For our second learning engagement about communication, we had an activity called the Barrier game. In this task, the goal of each student partner is to set up the materials that they have in the same manner, but the challenge is that there is a barrier between them so that they will not see each other work. They will just have to take turns giving specific directions on how to set up the materials. Most of them did an impressive work in accomplishing the task because they practiced effective communication.

This week is also very exciting for all the preschool students, because of a special school event and it is the Sports Festival! This is one of the most anticipated school events in ISN and all the students did an awesome job showing their graceful dance moves and other kinesthetic skills. All our hard work paid off because their performance is one for the books!

Have a restful weekend!