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Milky Way September 17th – 20th

Hello everyone!
This week is one day shorter than usual, but the Milky Way class still managed to accomplish a lot of learning tasks and activities. We continue our exploration of our 3rd line of inquiry, which is about ways of achieving one’s goal. So, this week we focused on the importance of having a clear goal. Each of the students was given a task to identify their short and long term goals.

Then, they choose one that they want to focus this year so that they can create action steps to meet their goals. It is so exciting to see how the Milky Way students will transform from goal-setters to goal-getters!

We then play a game that helped them realize the importance of knowing one’s goal. The students’ task is to shoot all of the ping-pong balls in the correct basket, but the challenge is that they do not know which basket is the correct one. In the first round, they had a hard time accomplishing the task, but in the second round, when the correct basket was revealed, they all succeeded in doing the task. Their teamwork also helped them in completing the task.

We also finished our big class puzzle that showcased our unique set of skills and interests. It is fascinating to see how our differences can make us a great team.

Since the weather is beginning to cool down, the Milky Way students also had a chance to play at a nearby park. We enjoyed basking in the sun and the cool breeze of autumn.

Enjoy another long weekend, everyone!