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Grade 1 “All About Magnets”

Hello Everyone!
In this week, the first graders were very fascinated in making their own flowers after learning about plants. We made three kinds of flowers (rose, gerbera daisy, and cosmos) which turned out like the real ones. As Scientists, we need to make petals, stem, leaves and roots to prove that we have observed the structure of the plants. We have used our thinking skills to make our craft awesome.

We have had our fourth experiment this week which was Magnetism. As part of our hypothesis, we went around our class to find things that are magnetic and non-magnetic. Then using a horseshoe magnet we made our experiment and wrote down on our Science report the result. Outstandingly, our predictions turned out exactly the same as the result of our experiment. Knowledgeable Scientists!

Not all metals are attracted to a magnet but iron, nickel, cobalt and steel are. In this experiment, first grader scientists had an opportunity to use their knowledge to guide a paper clip through the maze that they made.

We have ended our great week with our dynamic P.E lesson in the gym where we showed our cooperation, confidence, commitment and enthusiasm.

Have a great long weekend first graders families. ご家族の皆様で良い3日連休をお過ごしください。