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Milky Way September 9th – 13th

The cool autumn breeze is finally here in our midst and so our exploration and play outside the classroom have become more and more enjoyable each day. We have started our learning engagements this week with a nature walk at the nearby shrine. The students have collected different objects that they can use for their group activity in UOI.
We are now studying the 3rd line of inquiry for our current unit and it is all about the concept of teamwork. The class was divided into three groups and each group made their collage monster using the objects that they got from our nature walk. Their artwork all turned out great! They learned that for a team to be successful, each member must do their role and bring something to the group.
Unit3の最後のLOIはチームワークの概念を探求しています。3つのグループにわかれて、集めた物を使いコラージュモンスターを作りました。 とても素晴らしいモンスターができましたね!このアクティビティを通してグループでみんなが成功するためには、自分たちの役割(今回は集めたもの)が必要だということを学習しました。
The class also engaged in a fun, teamwork activity where they were also able to practice their balancing and fine motor skills.
We also had a teamwork scavenger hunt, where the students learned about the special skills talents of their classmates. They realized that even though they are different from one another, they are special in their own ways and that what makes the Milky Way Team remarkable.
In Math, the students are continuing to improve both their addition and subtraction skills. They were fascinated to see the connection between these two operations through our lesson about fact families.
While in Tennis, the Milky Way students are already practicing how to bounce the ball with the racket. The tennis racket is still quite big for them, but they are now learning how to hold them properly and soon enough they will all be comfortable in using them.
テニスのレッスンではラケットでボールを バウンドする練習を始めました。ラケットがまだみんなには大きすぎますが、正しい握り方を一生懸命練習しているので、すぐに慣れてくれると思います。
This has been an awesome week for the Milky Way class. Let’s all enjoy the long weekend, everyone!