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Rainforest (Sept 9th – 13th)

Greetings everyone.
This week in UOI we practiced more on our third question: Ways to achieve a common goal. To explore this question we did various activities and discussion that helped the students to see that they need to work with others to complete goals and that each person in a group and bring something to the group that another person may not have which can be helpful to the group. An activity students practiced was working together by moving a cup to form a pyramid with a string and cup. Additionally, The students practiced the third question by interviewing a classmate if they were able to do a certain task that was on their paper. If the students could do the task, the person who asked the question would write the persons name down on the paper.

To further practice working to achieve a common goal, we, along with MilkyWay class, walked to a nearby park to collect materials for a collage monster. The students needed to collect materials, such as leaves, rocks, etc., to complete the monster with their group. The students had fun exploring the park looking for their materials.

After that the students returned to the classroom and in groups assembled their own unique monsters with their group. It was fun to see the results of their creativity to accomplish this task.

Additionally, the students have been practicing for the sports festival at the main gym were are having the festival. They are getting better and it is nice to see them progress with the routines they are practicing. They really like the relay race.

Thank you.