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Milky Way September 2nd – 6th

Hello everyone!
We had a very exciting week in the Milky Way class as we get to know more the community helpers who remind people to follow the rules. They are the police officers! Together with the Rainforest students, we visited the Police Station to get a glimpse of the life of our hardworking police officials.
First, we learned some of the gears that police officers use in their duty. It was quite fascinating to know the things that they use at work and be able to try them also. The students did not miss this chance to ask some of their burning questions about the enthralling world of police work. The police officer in charge of our tour was kind and patient enough to answer all the questions of the students.
The students also got the chance to practice their martial arts skills during our visit since some of the officers in the station let the students use the foam swords. The kids had so much fun in this activity.
警察官たちが武道を練習する体育館にも入れてもらいました。なんと生徒たちにも武道を体験させて頂きました!みんな全力で戦いましたが、大人には勝てません笑 みんなとても楽しんだようです。
We also had the chance to watch a martial arts exhibition and the officers in the police station showed us their awesome moves! The students were all amazed by the skills shown by these martial artists.
Lastly, the students got a chance to go inside an actual police car! They all got so giddy and excited when they saw the familiar red lights of the siren and even though it was a little bit cramped inside, it did not matter to them as long as they can ride this cool car.
This is a very memorable week for the Milky Way class, indeed! Hope that you’ll have a great weekend ahead, everyone!