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Milky Way July 29th – August 2nd

We are again starting a new month and the Milky Way class welcomed a new friend this week. The students shared and presented to her their Japanese Culture Lapbook, which was the final project from our previous unit. While listening to the presentation she checked if her classmates are following our presentation checklist. We hope that she enjoyed and learned something from our presentation.
After their Japanese Culture lapbook presentation, we accomplished an end of unit reflection. The students identified their favorite part of the inquiry and chose what learner profile attribute they developed during the last unit. Most of them answered that they practiced being communicators since they were all given an opportunity to share their lapbooks, and listen to the perspective of their friends as well.
In Phonics, we practiced spelling words using our knowledge of common word endings. The students realize that it is easier to read and spell words, once they get familiar with these common word endings.
We are continuing our preparation for the sports festival. This time, we are preparing the design and decorations for the venue. Since the theme for this year’s sports festival is Jungle we decided to make a big alligator craft. In this activity, the students get to practice their fine motor skills and also cooperation in accomplishing this task. The Milky Way and Rainforest class joined forces to create this artwork to make our sport’s festival extra special.
This Saturday is the Matsumoto Bon Bon and we have been practicing our dance moves since last month. We are all so excited to join this special event and we hope that you can join us there, too! Let’s enjoy the weekend!