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Rainforest (July 29th – August 2nd)


This week was a good week for class to finish things in preparation for our next unit. This week we also worked on crafts for the sports festival. The kids worked well together as well as worked well with the kids from Milky Way class to complete the big painting project we did this week.

In phonics, we reviewed reading new words and the patterns we can use to read many new words. For example, by knowing the endings to certain words, like -ock or -ish, you can read many more words that have the same ending by knowing the ending sound. We also reviewed mystery -y words and if the “y” makes an “e” sound or an “i” sound. It was a good time practicing reading new words and word endings to learn new words.

For our UOI time, we practiced making crafts. Like mentioned above, we worked together with the Milky Way class to complete our task. Both classes worked well together. We also worked in gym class to practice our dance routine to make it better and more exciting.

We got along well during our free play and swim time. The kids enjoyed the books we read in class during free time as well. We stayed cool and drink lots of water/ tea to help stay cool in this heat.

Thank you,

Scott Combs