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Milky Way July 16th – 19th

This week was shorter than usual, but we still managed to get a lot of work done as we start to wrap up Unit 2. We finished our Japanese Culture exploration last week and we did enjoy finding out a lot of things about it. On the last day of our Japanese Culture exploration, we looked into Japanese traditional toys and games. It was fun learning about these toys and games and so we decided to make our version of a traditional toy called Kendama. The Milky Way students enjoyed this activity a lot because they also get to practice their Kendama skills.

We have also started our final project for this unit. The students are already making their lapbook which will summarize all that they have learned in Unit 2. Lapbook is a file folder that contains a variety of materials and information related to a central topic, in our case the Japanese Culture. In this project, the students will include pictures, drawings, and crafts about Japanese Culture that they have accomplished in the last couple of weeks. The students will use this lapbook to present what they have learned and become Junior Culture Ambassadors.

In Phonics, we continue to learn and practice different reading strategies for us to be good readers and communicators. We learned that there are common word endings like –y and –ed and their sounds can be different in every word. The students practice sorting out words with these word endings based on their sounds. This activity helped them practice their pronunciation and articulation skills.

In Gym, the students are getting better at controlling the aerial fabrics as we continue our rehearsals for the sports festival presentation. We also get to practice one of the games that we will be playing in the said event. We are all so excited about the upcoming Sports Festival and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have been working on for the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for keeping up with the Milky Way students! Have a great weekend!