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Milky Way July 8th – 12th

This week we had a trip down memory lane as we explore some aspects of Japanese Culture’s history. After learning about Japan’s culture at the present time, we are now focusing our attention on the past.

We visited the Edo period and met a renowned artist called Hokusai. Hokusai is known for his unconventional style of doing artworks and his masterpiece called the Great Wave, which features the iconic Mt. Fuji. The students practiced their artistic skills and made their own Hokusai inspired paintings.

We also looked into the history of Japanese Fans and learned that they had more significant value in the past. The finest fans were considered as an art piece and so we also tried creating our own decorative Japanese Fans. The students designed their fans with the things related to Japanese Culture and they all looked beautiful!

In Math, we continued our lesson about time and now the students have mastered telling time by the hour and half past. We had a lot of fun games about it and plenty of matching activities that helped students become familiar with the position of short and long hands of the clock.

In Gym, we started practicing our performance for the sport’s festival. The students are still adjusting on how to control the aerial fabrics, but in time their moves will be graceful and synchronized because they all love performing.

This has been a fun week for the Milky Way students! Let us all enjoy the long weekend!