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Reflection – Milky Way 03/13 – 03/17

This week, our class looks back and remembers the things we have learned and we have experienced!


Before we finally close the last unit, the students were tasked to present their posters about how to create a sustainable community. The students delivered their presentations well and smoothly, and their confidence shows that they are ready to embark on a new chapter of their life and start their elementary school journey.


We have been visited by other fantastic teachers from Gojo Elementary School, Mr. Igor, and Ms. Yuma. We all had fun together especially planting the flowers in the front yard. We all wish that the flowers we planted would blossom and be something that would remind the future Milky Way of us!


We couldn’t finish this school term by just saying goodbye to each other, so we all decided to have a little bus trip and head to the Alps park and create more memories to remember! We will not forget each other, especially the times we have spent together outside the school!


Monday is the day when we will march on the stage and be officially declared graduates! We all can’t wait to offer our parents our Diploma, the symbol of our tenacity and perseverance during our preschool days, and most importantly the symbol of the love of our parents to us!


It has been a roller coaster journey, and we all can’t thank you enough, our dear parents and the rest of the school community for your love and support towards us!


See you in the last and final blog next week!