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Fun-filled Week of Milky Way! Apr.10th-14th

Hello everyone!


It has been a fun-filled week here in Milky Way class. We started to explore various activities during our IB time. We have different centers or areas in our classroom wherein students can choose the activity they want to do. We have a Reading Area, Creative Area, Exercise Area, Math Area, and English Area which we set up during IB time. We have goals that students have to achieve in each area and some of them are related to our Unit of Inquiry.


Unit 1: Who We Are


Central Idea: Making responsible choices helps us to be healthy


Lines of Inquiry: 1. What it means to be healthy, 2. Habits that keep us healthy



Reading Area- Students can read any book they like, but our goal this week is to find a picture of a healthy and unhealthy person. Students can share their thoughts about why they think it’s a healthy or unhealthy person. 


Creative Area- Students can make a craft of their choice using recyclable materials. We would like to say thank you to parents for bringing some materials that we can use in making crafts. This week’s goal is to draw a healthy and unhealthy person and explain their drawing.


Exercise Area- Students can use the exercise ball and jump rope. In this area, we give students a sheet wherein they can record how many jumps they can do every time they use it. 


Math Area- Students enjoy making shapes using popsicle sticks and clay. They copy the picture in the card, trace its name, count how many sides and corners each shape has. Another activity is the I Spy Game wherein students count the pictures of spring objects and write the number on the line.

算数エリアでは、スティックと粘土を使って、3Dの形を作ることを楽しんでいます。カードに描かれた絵を実際に作ってみて、その形の名前をなぞったり、その形がいくつの辺と角を持っているかを数えます。また、「I Spy Game」というアクティビティもあり、春の物のイラストを数えて、その数を書き込んでいます。

English Area- We have activities related to our Phonics lesson which is about Magic E. We provided them activities wherein they can practice reading it with their friends. The activity is called Four in a Row, it’s more like a bingo game. Every time they read a word, they can shade or color the word and once they read 4 words straight in a row, the player wins. But most of them try to read all the words in the card and they are very happy. We are glad to see them enjoying reading.

英語エリアでは、フォニックスレッスンで学んでいるMagic Eに関連したアクティビティを用意し、友達と一緒に読む練習をしました。これはFour in a Rowと呼ばれるもので、ビンゴゲームのような感じです。書いてある単語を読むとその単語に色を塗ることができて、4つの単語を連続して読むことができると勝ちです✨ほとんどの子が、カードに書いてある単語を全部読もうとします😅とても楽しいようで、そんな姿を見ると私達もとっても嬉しい気持ちになります🎵

In Phonics, we learned about the Magic E (a-e) as in bake, lake, made, cape, shake, etc.  We learned that Magic E words are words that have letter e at the end of the word and the e is silent. That means we don’t have to pronounce the sound of letter e at the end of the word. And the sound of the vowel “a” becomes long /ā/. We did an activity called Fold and Read. When they fold the paper, they will form a new word which is the magic E word. We also practiced reading the passage “Cake at the Lake”. First we identified and underlined the magic E words. Then, read it all together. Next, we gave each of them a copy of the passage and they practiced reading it individually with the support of the teachers. In the morning, before they play or join IB time, they have to read it to the teacher first.

フォニックスでは、bake, lake, made, cape, shake などの Magic E (a-e) について学びました。 マジックEとは、語尾にeがあり、そのeが無音である単語のことです。つまり、語尾の文字eの音を発音する必要がないのです。そして、母音「a」の音は長い/ā/になります。そのルールを練習するのに、みんなでFold and Readというアクティビティをしました。単語が書かれた紙を折ると、新しい単語、マジックEワードになりました✨また、”Cake at the Lake “というストーリーを読む練習をしました。まず、どこにマジックEワードがあるか確認して下線を引きました。次に全員で文章を読み、その次は先生のサポートを受けながら一人一人で読む練習をしました。それからは、朝の登園後やIBタイムに参加する前などにも読む練習をしています😊

This week, we have started outdoor activities such as swimming, gym, music, and tennis. It was their first time to have a tennis lesson and everybody was very excited for it. On Tuesday, they also began to have a Japanese lesson with Ms. Kumi. 


That’s all for this week. Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!