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RF, Nature and Learning: April 17th to 21st

We explored our backyard and WOW discoveries galore!

In class, we were talking about Spring, cherry blossoms and how we can tell flowers are sakura. I introduced parts of a plant including the word petals, and that somei-yoshino sakura has 5 petals with a split on each petal like a heart. How many petals on a tampopo then? More than 5? 50? So we decided to find out. We found them at the park! One of our Rainforest students shared about a plant that makes ‘pa-pa’ sound when you shake it. We found wild plants like dandelions (tampopo), and small blue flowers Common Field Speedwell (ooinu-no-fuguri). We spotted acrons too!

Since we were working on numbers and quantity up to 50 we tried to pick as many acorns as possible and made guesses. How many do you think we picked 30, 45 or more? Back in class we counted 50 and more. As for the tampopo, most of us declared that there were too many petals in a tampopo to count. We decided more than 30! We made a number line to count our Yellow- GO Food too!

For our UOI, we asked what it means to eat healthily? We have to eat a variety of food that will give us energy, make us grow and build our immune system so we that we do not fall sick. We used colours and named them Yellow GO (carbohydrates), Red GROW (protein), Green GLOW (vitamins). A balanced meal of all food groups will keep us healthy. To explore the concept of balance, we tried a balance scale with a rod stick. But we found out that it was not easy trying to make choices for a good balanced meal just like balancing a stick. We learned that Yellow GO Food (carbohydrates) gives us energy – rice, noodles, bread, potatoes, corn, pasta, biscuits.

In class, we have a system of Line Leader. Daily, the line leader changes. Each line leader changes the calendar in the morning and leads in morning check in. ‘Good morning, class. Today is April 18…’ The line leader will bring the class to the toilet, count the line, and be the Teacher’s Helper. Thank you!

Till next week, take care. Have a lovely weekend!