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Germ Experiment! Milky Way 5/22-5/26

Through experiments, the kids will learn scientific thinking techniques. It helps the kids to improve their observation skills. An experiment is used to see how well the idea matches the real world. 


In UOI, we learned how to wash our hands properly in the video. This is related to our LOI2: Habits that keep us healthy which means washing hands is another habit that we should do for us to stay healthy. We learned the importance of proper hand washing by doing two germ experiments. One is the pepper (as germs) and soap experiment wherein we discovered that germs hate soap and the only way to get rid of germs is using soap when washing our hands. We clearly saw how the pepper moved away when one student put his finger with soap in the water and everyone was surprised with what happened. Another is using glitters to know how germs spread or pass from one person to another. The teacher with glitters in hands touched the arm of one of the students and did the same thing to others. We learned that the only way to stop spreading the germs is to wash our hands properly. Everybody went to the sink and washed their hands with soap.


This week, we were able to do the Day 6 to Day 10 Fitness Challenges! Everyone loved doing this in the morning. What a good exercise for all of us!

エクササイズコーナーでは、今週はDay6からDay10のFitness Challengesをみんなで行いました!朝からみんなとっても楽しんでいました。とても良い運動ですね!

Day 6: Walk like a crab for 1 minute. 1分間のカニさん歩き。

Day 7: Stretch as high as you can. 高い位置でのストレッチ。

Day 8: Choose a song and create your own dance routine for the song. 選んだ曲で自分のダンスを踊る。(みんなの大好きなマリオの曲を選んでいました😊)

Day 9: Pick up a ball from the floor without using your hands. 手を使わずに床からボールを拾い上げる。

Day 10: Take 10 giant steps. ジャイアントステップ(大股歩き)を10回。

On Monday, we continued to learn about digraphs /wh/ and /th/. We watched a video about those digraphs and we discovered many words. We also did the Digraph Flower Match activity. Each group showed cooperation to complete their task. We also asked them to look for words that start with the digraphs /wh/ and /th/, and they found lots of words in the book. Well done!

月曜日のPhonicsレッスンでは、引き続き/wh/と/th/のダイグラフ(二重音字:2文字で一つの音を作るもの)について学びました。ダイグラフについてのビデオも見て、多くの単語を発見しました。また、Digraph Flower Matchのアクティビティも行いました。グループで協力し合って課題をクリアしていました!また、好きな本の中からダイグラフの/wh/と/th/から始まる単語を探し、たくさんの単語を見つけていましたよ😊よくできました👍

When we were playing at the schoolyard, we saw a snail and we enjoyed observing how it crawls and eats. Then, we decided to keep and take care of it. We put it in a tank and put a little bit of soil, leaves, and food for the snail. The next day, some of our friends brought their own tank with roly-poly bugs, grasshoppers, and snails. We will try our best to keep them alive by taking care of them.


That’s all for this! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!