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Rainbow: Excursion in lovely weather May 22nd~26th

Hello to you our dear readers. Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of the month. The climax of this week was the “nursery excursion!” Both of the nursery classes Rainbow and Meadow merged into one for our very first bus trip.


We’re grateful that the weather didn’t disappoint. If it had rained we would have had to cancel the trip! The teachers made sleds with rice bags for us. We had fun sliding down the hill on these sleds! OAfter the trip ended we headed back to school to have the lunches that our moms made for us. This was also a first time experience for nursery students.


Rainy weather means indoor fun for us

The second day of the week was wet since the early hours of the morning so we couldn’t go to the park as we usually do on Tuesdays. We did have lots of fun playing indoors though. Since we went for a bus trip on Monday and everyone brought lunch boxes from home we thought it would be fun to make our own “bentos” using origami, gummed tape and cello tape. A few of our classmates didn’t manage to make it to school on Monday due to sickness and family matters, so although they missed out on the bus trip they enjoyed partaking in this activity.


Physical education

This week we had our gym class at Kamada gymnasium. On our way to and fro the venue we always pass by Morinaga and there are statues of dairy cows in the company’s yard. The lesson theme for the month of May is “Farm Animals” and we learnt that cows are one of the main animals found on a farm. On our way back to school someone shouted, “look cow!” , and everyone started singing the “Old MacDonald had a farm” song. It was such an adorable moment. The gym teacher taught us how to move around like a crab and everyone enjoyed this a lot!

今週は鎌田体育館でジムレッスンへ行ってきました。行く途中、森永の会社の前を通りますが、そこにある牛のモニュメントに子ども達が気付き、”Old MacDonald had a farm”を歌い始めました!今月のテーマはAnimalsで、牛はメインの動物の一つで工作もしています!みんな牛は英語でCowカウ!と分かり、歌を歌いだすほど、知識が定着していることに驚きました!レインボーさんの可愛さ爆発でした!

Fun at the park

The weather on Thursday was just perfect! Not too hot and not too chilly. So we took full advantage of this lovely weather and walked to the park to enjoy some much deserved fun time. I say much deserved because with the excursion and all, this week was quite a busy one for us. Playing at the park helped us rewind as we prepared to wrap up the week. Since the weather was very comfortable the students enjoyed running around the park as the teacher pretended to be a dragon that was out to get them! We let out lots of energy and this made nap time very easy for us. Everyone had a good nap rest!


The weather has been a bit weird lately so please take care not to fall ill.Until next week, have a great weekend!