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Brushing our teeth keeps us healthy! Milky Way 6/5-6/9

Hi everyone!

This month of June, our class has started to brush their teeth again after lunch. As you may know, we temporarily stopped this activity during the pandemic to avoid the spread of virus in school. This is also related to our UOI, LOI2:Habits that keep us healthy which is brushing teeth. We watched some videos about the importance of brushing teeth and what if we stop brushing teeth. Milky Way learned that they have to brush their teeth at least twice a day or three. They will have cavities and result in tooth decay and loss, and gum diseases when they stop brushing teeth.

今月、スクールでの歯磨きを再開しました!私たちのUOIのLOI2「健康を保つ習慣」にも関連した歯磨きについて、その大切さや歯磨きをしなかったらどうなるのかについて、いくつかのビデオを観ました。Milky Wayのみんなは、1日に2回~3回は歯を磨かなければいけないということを学びました。歯磨きをしないと、虫歯になったり、歯が抜けてしまったり、歯周病になってしまうからです。

We demonstrated how to brush their teeth properly and did it altogether. We even tried gargling the plaque checker liquid to see which part of our teeth has plaque. They looked at the mirror to see it themselves and brushed their teeth to remove it.


In our IB Time, they did some activities related to UOI such as brushing the germs away, sorting healthy and unhealthy food for the teeth, and drawing the tools we use to clean our teeth.


In Phonics, we reviewed the digraphs we learned by doing a group activity which is called Digraphs Matching Mats. Their task was to match the digraph cards to the digraph pictures on the mat. They cooperated very well in completing this activity. We compared their work and saw who got more correct answers. Everybody did a great job!

フォニックスでは、Digraphs Matching Matsというグループアクティビティで、学んだダイグラフ(二重音字)を復習しました。ダイグラフのカードと、それが使われた単語の絵をマッチさせるものでしたが、みんなよく協力して完成させていました!それを見比べて、誰がより多くの正解できたかも確認しました。みんなよく頑張りました👍!

This week’s daily fitness challenges were very interesting and a bit challenging for us! Day 16: Stretch like a cat. Do it 5 times. Day 17: Do an egg and spoon race with friends. We use a ball for this challenge. Day 18: Dance like a chicken for 1 minute. Day 19: Walk backwards 10 steps and then skip back. Day 20: Do 10 squats in 30 seconds. Milky Way always looks forward to doing this daily challenge. We only have 10 days left to complete this challenge and for sure they will insist on continuing doing this. Let’s see what will happen next!


That’s it! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!