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Let’s go to Hawaii! Milky Way 8/21-22

Hello everyone! We hope you had a fantastic Obon holiday with your family! Milky Way class keeps talking about what they did during their vacation “We went to the beach! We had a barbeque party! We went to my friend’s house and had dinner!” Very exciting! Based on their stories, we could feel how they enjoyed their holiday! Awesome!!!

皆さん、こんにちは!お盆休みはご家族で楽しく過ごされたことと思います😊ミルキーさん達は、お休みの間にしたことを「海に行ったよ!」「バーベキューをしたんだ!」 「友達の家に行ってご飯を食べたよ!」など、 とても楽しそうに話している姿があります。とっても楽しかった様子が伝わってきます!素晴らしいですね!!

Recently, our class has been busy practicing their dance performance for the upcoming Sports Festival. This year’s theme is “Travel Around the World”. As you know, one of our old friends went back to Hawaii and because of that they became interested in visiting or travelling to Hawaii, “I want to go to Hawaii!”,  and we came up with this place to represent. We chose the song “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” for our dance performance. Feel free to open the link below and listen to it.


We learned that Hawaii is not a country but an island and is a part of the United States in North America. 


This week, we also started to make a craft related to the theme. We made a flower lei or a flower necklace which is very popular to wear in Hawaii. They chose the color of their choice and cut the flower shape. They also cut the leaves. Their cutting skills are more developed now and can cut better than before. We will continue making it next week and we are excited to see the finished product.


In our Phonics, we played Scavenger Hunt to review digraphs /ai/ and /ay/. The teacher shows the picture and students have to find the word around the classroom. They had to read the word carefully before taking it to get the correct answer. We also had a short reading passage with /ay/ words. They did a great job in reading it and said “It was very easy!”.

フォニックスでは、/ai/と/ay/の復習としてScavenger Huntをしました。先生が絵を見せて、子ども達は教室の色々なところに貼ったり置いたりされているその単語を見つけるゲームです。正解をゲットするためには、その単語をきちんと読んでから取らなければなりません。また、/ay/の単語を使った短い文章のリーディングもやりました。とても上手に読んでいたミルキーさん達、「簡単だった!」と言っていました😲

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!