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Beat the heat! – Savanna 8/17 -8/25

We are back from a hectic but relaxing holiday!

During our morning circle, our little storytellers shared their experiences during the Obon holiday. Some shared how excited they were to go to a different city and stay in a cozy hotel, some told how happy their family reunions were. We also talked about the fireworks display we saw and enjoyed during the holiday. It was indeed a memorable Obon holiday for all of us!

Our inquiry about insects’ life cycle continues. This week we looked into Cicada’s and Fireflies’ life cycle. The students were in awe as they counted how long 7 years is, This is how long Cicada’s life cycle takes place, then after a short time living as an adult cicada, they’ll die right away. Fireflies also amazed us, we found out that Fireflies produce lights to signal other insects that they are in the way and that they should not eat them because they are not delicious.

Our little readers are getting better each week! This week’s reading drill was a little bit challenging, It did not only hone their reading skills but also their listening and social skills: The teacher called out a word, and the students needed to spell the word by finding a match to their cards to make the word. They are getting more used to connecting graphemes and phonemes and are getting the master of it.

We can’t be stopped from beating the summer heat. This week we got the chance to have fun at the park and play in the water. We ran barefoot feeling the grass on our feet, and enjoyed observing the insects around like dragonflies, cicadas, worms, and many more. Our hearts were excited as we immersed ourselves in nature, very relaxing!

We had a send-off party for our friend. We are sad that he is leaving but at the same time are excited about his next journey. We can’t wait to hear what his new place looks like, how many friends he made, and such. We will never forget the time we spent together and will forever cherish the memories we made.

Summer is ending soon, but until it’s over, let’s continue finding fun and exciting ways to beat the summer heat!