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Fun and Memorable Soccer Experience! Milky Way 9/4-8

Hello everyone! It was another busy yet memorable week for Milky Way class. We spent some time practicing for the Sports Festival and we had a great experience playing soccer on Friday with the Yamaga FC! 

みなさん、こんにちは!今週もMilky Wayクラスは忙しくも充実した、思い出に残る一週間となりました。スポーツフェスティバルの練習にたくさん取り組み、金曜日には松本山雅FCのスタッフと一緒にサッカーを楽しみました!

In our Japanese lesson, they learned  the Hiragana “よ”. They played karuta games and listened to a story of “The Crane of Gratitude” or “鶴の恩返し”. They also enjoyed singing various songs in Japanese.


In Phonics, we started to practice reading words with digraph /ea/. We learned that it has two different sounds such as short /e/ as in bread, spread, healthy, deaf, and long /i/ as in meat, seat, treat, leaf. We did a sorting activity. Students had to read the word written on the paper, classify if it has a short or long sound, and put it in the corresponding basket. Then, they tried to reflect and assess themselves according to the color of the ball. Green if they can read the words correctly by themselves and if they can teach their friends. Yellow if they are able to read a few and simple words, and they need more practice. Red if it is difficult for them to read the words and need some help. Self-assessment is an important tool for students to develop independence and accountability. It encourages self-reflection, critical thinking, goal setting, and taking ownership of learning.

フォニックスでは、「ea」を含む単語を読む練習を始めました。「ea」には、bread, spread, healthy, deafのように短い/e/と、meat, seat, treat, leafのように長い/i/の2つの音があることを学びました。紙に書かれた単語を読み、それが短い音か長い音かを分けてかカゴに入れる、ソーティングゲームをしました。そして、今度はカラーボールを使って自分自身を振り返ってみることにしました。自分で単語を正しく読むことができ、友達に教えることができれば緑。黄色は、いくつかの簡単な単語を読むことができ、さらに練習が必要な場合。赤は、単語を読むのが難しく、手助けが必要な場合。自分で自分を評価することは、子ども達の自立心と責任感を養うための重要なツールでもあり、自己反省、批判的思考、目標設定、学習の主体性を育みます😊

On Wednesday, we went to the gym and practiced how to move by following the program for the Sports Festival. We also practiced our dance performance. We remember our goals and show teamwork during the practice. One student noticed that his friend made a mistake while dancing, so he came to his friend and taught him how to do the dance steps properly. That is teamwork!


Friday was the most exciting day because they had a soccer workshop with the famous soccer club in Matsumoto! They had two coaches from Yamaga Football Club. They did some warm up activities which are really fun and useful before playing soccer. We had two teams: the green or broccoli team and pink or the peach team. They also got a chance to ask some questions related to our UOI which is about teamwork. The coaches were very generous in answering our questions. We could see the joy and laughter they had during the workshop. They had so much fun and learned a lot. So, thank you so much Yamaga FC for this very fun and memorable experience!


That’s all for this week. Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!