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WE CARE ABOUT ANIMALS- Aurora Sept 4th-8th

We are now almost at the end of Unit 2. In this unit, we are learning about our responsibilities in taking care of animals, such as giving them food and shelter, and showing them love and care.✨
As we go through this lesson, our youngsters had a practical activity for a week in which they took good care of their pet (a chicken). They provided their pet with clean water, food, and checked on them every day. They also learned that if they take good care of animals, they can obtain products from them, such as milk, eggs, meat, etc. As a reward for being kind and caring to animals, our young ones received a certificate of appreciation!Great job, Aurora! Keep it up!🤩

This week was special because Chiko-chan, Ms. Sayuri’s pet, visited our class!🐦 She played with the Aurora students, and they had a chance to touch and feed her. Chiko-chan is a 4-year-old bird, the same age as the Aurora kids. They were so happy to see her and are looking forward to seeing her again soon!💟

Two of our youngsters shared pictures of their very cute pets in class. They shared how they play, feed, and take care of them. Their friends were so happy to meet them! Thank you for sharing!⭐

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
Keep safe and see you all next week!🤗