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Japanese Culture! Milky Way 11/6-10

Milky Way class has explored more of Japanese culture this week. They discovered Japanese traditional clothes, dance, and music instruments. They learned about different types of kimono and when to wear it. During IB time, they enjoyed making kimono origami. We watched five traditional dances of Japan and they were only familiar with Bon Odori and we danced all together. They were amazed with various musical instruments that they saw for the first time. Two of our students shared that  their grandparents have tsuzumi and mokugyo at their houses. 


In Phonics, we learned a new digraph which is /oa/ as in boat, coat, loaf, toad, etc. They listened to the words and helped the teacher to spell the words on the board. Then, they worked together to complete the sentences with the appropriate digraph word. In writing, they chose two digraph words and used them in a sentence.

フォニックスレッスンでは、boat, coat, loaf, toad など、/oa/ という新しいダイグラフを学びました。子どもたちは単語を聞くと、1字ずつ発音しながらMs.Fronieがボードにスペルを書くのを手伝ってくれました😊そして、文の中の空欄に入る適切なダイグラフの単語を見つけて文章を完成させるアクティビティを行いました。さらにライティングレッスンでは、学んだ単語の中から2つ選び、それら使って文を作って書きました✐

On Thursday, we harvested the lettuce and radish in our garden and we enjoyed eating the lettuce with mayonnaise during lunch time. Most of them liked it and asked for big lettuce leaves and others said they wanted a small one. They also tried eating fresh radish. 

木曜日には、園庭の畑で育てたレタスとラディッシュを収穫し、ランチの時間にマヨネーズをつけて食べました😊ミルキーさん達はとても気に入ったようで、”It’s tasty!” “I want a big one!” “I don’t like lettuce, but I want to try. Can I have a small one?” など、大きな葉や小さな葉を欲しがったり、おかわりしている子もいました。採れたてのラディッシュも食べることができ、とても楽しいひと時でした🥬

In Music lesson, they started to practice for their music performance in the upcoming Christmas show. Aside from pianica, they will also use drums, hand bells, castanets, and . Students chose the music instrument they wanted to play and practiced it during music lesson.

ミュージックレッスンでは、クリスマスショーで演奏する曲の練習をパートに分かれて始めました。合奏では、ピアニカの他に太鼓、鈴、カスタネット、ウッドブロックに挑戦します。それぞれ全部の楽器に触ってみて、やりたい楽器を選びました。中には第一希望の楽器になれなかった子もいますが、Risk taker(挑戦する人)やCaring(思いやりのある人)となり、譲り合う姿が見られてとても嬉しく感じました。楽しく練習していきたいと思います🎶

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!