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Expressing ourselves without saying any words-Shooting Star-Nov 6th-10th

Hello Everyone,

Starting this week, Shooting Star class as a whole was able to stay awake gradually a whole day without anyone being sleepy nor tired. And because of that, we can spend a longer time in the afternoon for our unit of inquiry especially for Christmas Show practices.

The very highlight of this week’s activity was our thorough exploration into our second line of inquiry which is, The different ways to communicate with others. Here we expressed different feelings to communicate without saying any word. First we had a class discussion on how to express ourselves without using words. Students shared amazing ideas like, we can use our hands, feet, fingers, and face parts to express our emotions. With their ideas, we made varieties of expressions using our body parts. Then, students moved to a group task activity. Each group were given an A4 size laminated face and face parts such as; eyebrows, eyes, and mouth and they worked together to make whatever picture of emotion a teacher showed them. This activity didn’t only show how much they have learned about emotions, but it also showed how their social skills have improved. Then, we watched the DVD, The Bremen Town Musician done by Rainforest a couple of years ago. And other days, we focused on reading the lines with feelings and actions.

As we continued learning the phonics, students began to understand that letters represent the sound of written language. We learned through watching word family videos and playing with CVC box. Now that we have understood the principle, we will commit ourselves to a thorough yet exciting learning process. We will be spending more time learning to read and write CVC words in a variety of activities.

The Tokyo Interior park was our favorite destination this week. We enjoyed our hike with free conversations of topics that best interest us. In the park, we played games with important rules that help develop our listening and thinking skills as communicators. As we are having fun, we play safely and whenever problems arise, we learned communicating with our friends by considering the ways how to solve our conflicts that we have talked about on our first line of inquiry.

For the next couple of weeks, we will be spending more time practicing for the Christmas Show.

Have a great weekend everyone.