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Reading and Writing! MW 2/19-22

You learn to write better by reading. You learn to read better by writing. Reading and writing work together to improve your ability to think.


Milky Way class has been doing great on their reading and writing. We can see lots of improvement every time they read a book and write something. This week, we read a book about animal moms “Moms Do So Much”. To activate their prior knowledge about the book, I wrote the word mom on the board and asked them what their moms do for them. Most of them were very eager to answer and raised their hands. “My mom cooks dinner for me. My mom washes my clothes. My mom hugs me.” Those are some of their bright answers. Then while reading the book, we compared how animal moms and their moms do things for their babies or children. Do they have similarities or differences? “My mom hugs me like that. My mom doesn’t feed me like the mommy bird does to her baby.” They love sharing their ideas and we always remind them that all ideas are welcome. That’s why they get more motivated.

ミルキーさん達は、読み書きがとても上手になりました。本を読んだり、何かを書いたりするたびに、とても上達したことを実感します。今週は、動物のお母さんについての本 “Moms Do So Much “を読みました。この本についての事前知識を増やすために、ホワイトボードに”mom”というワードを書き、自分のママは何をしてくれる?と聞きました。ほとんどの子ども達が答えたい!と手を挙げてくれました。「お母さんはご飯を作ってくれる。お母さんは私の服を洗ってくれる。お母さんは私を抱きしめてくれる。」など答えてくれました。そして本を読みながら、動物のお母さんと自分のお母さんが赤ちゃんや子どもにしていることを比べてみました。似ているところや違うところはあるかな?「私のママはあんなふうに抱きしめてくれるよ。私のお母さんは、鳥のお母さんが赤ちゃんにするように、ご飯を食べさせたりはしないよ」。ミルキーさん達は自分のアイデアをシェアするのが大好きです。どんなアイデアでも大歓迎だよといつも言っているので、子ども達はどんどんやる気になっています😊

In our writing, each student picked a picture and wrote two sentences about it. As they write sentences, they also practice spelling words thinking about the sounds they hear in each word. They also remember the rules in writing a sentence. Use uppercase letter in the beginning of the sentence. Use a space after each word. Use punctuation mark at the end of the sentence. Most of them can spell simple words by themselves now and can create meaningful sentences. They can write the letters properly on the lines, too. Keep up the good work everyone!


Thank you so much to all who made an effort in collecting eggshells from home. Now Milky Way class has started making the graduation craft which will serve as their remembrance for the school. Some painted the eggshells while others began pasting the pieces of eggshells on the paper. They will continue to work on it and we are excited to show it to everyone!


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful long weekend!