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Rainforest and Recycling: February 19-23

Rainforest read a RAZ book “Because you Recycle” and another information book “What a Waste”. WHAT is recycling? Recycling requires you to sort your garbage, then turn them into something new and useful. Firstly, we needed to know what things are made of before we can sort them. Rainforest asked one another. What is this material? Is this paper box or plastic box? The class identified and sorted “our garbage” into plastic, glass, paper and metal. We referred to Matsumoto City Garbage Sorting Guidelines too!

Old paper “can become toilet paper” and “plastic bottles can become jackets”. HOW? Rainforest asked. Plastic bottles with the recycle sign PET 1 can be recycled into many different items including jackets according to the Council for PET Bottles Recycling Japan. Rainforest found that amazing. The scientists are smart! WHY must we recycle? Pointing to books and unit wall references, Rainforest said: To reduce trash. Because we don’t want to live near garbage mountains. So we can protect the earth, keep it healthy! In SynEco magic hands recycle computers too!

The class discussed about how each one of us could play a part in recycling and helping the earth. Each made a pledge and brought home a label for a recycle bin.

Rainforest had fun in the park. There were interesting huge rocks, which were so smooth we could slide down on them! We had our monthly ISN birthday party. Happy 6th Birthday to our February birthday girl! To Japan’s Emperor too, Happy Birthday! Till next week, happy long weekend!