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Onto the Next Chapter! MW 3/18-22

Congratulations! This is the proudest and hardest word teachers could ever say in the graduation season. We are thinking about two things when we say this to our graduating students. We say “Congratulations!” to you for working hard, for doing your best throughout the school year, and for graduating preschool, and this also means we have to say goodbye to you because after the graduation you will go to different schools to continue your studies in elementary school.


The entire school had celebrated for the Milky Way students. We had a birthday and farewell party on Tuesday. Since not everyone in school can attend their graduation ceremony, Milky Way showed them their handbell performance and graduation song. After they performed, they were surprised by the teachers’ good luck wishes and friends’ presents. Thank you dear teachers and students! We really appreciate your effort and love for Milky Way students. Two of our students had also celebrated their 6th birthday. It was the happiest birthday ever for them because they received many presents from everyone!


On March 22nd, Milky Way students had their graduation ceremony! The day filled with smiles and excitement when they arrived at the venue. During the ceremony they were surprised with the throwback video they watched. We heard laughs and giggles. After receiving their certificates, they proudly said “When I grow up, I want to be _____!” We are so proud of you, future teachers,nurses, police officers, doctors, fire fighters, zoo keepers, dinosaur scientists, and anime creators. Congratulations to all of you!!!


After the graduation ceremony, the parents of the Milky Way students, invited their teachers from nursery to preschool and office staff for a graduation party. We would like to thank all the parents for all the hard work they put in to make the party happen. It is not easy to organize such a beautiful and wonderful party. We really appreciate the speech from the parents, the videos, the song performance by Milky Way students which you practiced with them, and everyone who participated and collaborated behind this party. 


Thank you so much, dear parents, for your support throughout the years. It is true that your children spend longer at school than your homes, but at the end of the day, your children still always look forward to seeing you, spend time with you, and to go home with you. At the end of the day, still your love and care is always the best for them and you will be their anchor to achieving their dreams.



Ms.Fronielyn, Ms.Kumi