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Rainbow June 17-21

It has been a wonderful week for our Rainbow students!
We conducted an Earthquake Drill in our campus. We explained to them what will happen if there’s an earthquake and taught them the safety precautions. Well done, Rainbow!

It was a beautiful weather so we decided to take a walk outside the campus. Look, our little ones did a great job in following our rules by making a line and walking nicely! Though we didn’t use a ring, they did it very well!👏🏻

Regular dental check up is important because it helps keeping your teeth and gums healthy.
So today, we had a dental check up for all the students. Our youngsters showed their sweet smiles and beautiful teeth.👧🏻🧒🏻

Lastly, our dear young ones made a “snail craft”. They’ve done it colorfully! It was a beautiful snail under the rain.💦
最後に、”snail craft”です。今週は2回に分けて、カタツムリを制作しました。カラフルなカタツムリが出来上がりましたので、展示をご覧ください。雨の中の可愛いカタツムリです。

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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