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Grade 4 and 5: Busy bees

Hello, everyone! The weather is getting more and more hot again and so is the list of activities of Grades 4, 5 and 6. There was a lot of work to do as the students tried juggling their UOI learning, preparing two separate dances for the Sports Day, making props and decorations, greeting and naming new plant friends and their afternoon lessons.
This week the students continued looking into the development of Artifical Intelligence. On Tuesday, they conducted the Turing test – a way to test if the AI is smart enough by comparing its and a person’s knowledge. They have concluded that we can still easily tell the difference between AI and human intelligence, but that AI nowadays is much further developed than that of several decades ago. We looked over important events in the history of AI development, such as a computer beating the world chess champion and the introduction of AI services such as personal assistants and robot pets.
On Friday, it was time for another Unit of Inquiry movie day and the students watched excerpts from a famous Sci-Fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is a story of an AI-led space mission and the possible conflict between AI and humans. It proved to be a valuable introduction to this Unit’s third Line of Inquiry, as it sparked a discussion among the students about the possible negative effects of AI, such as it becoming too powerful or taking away jobs from people. The students have also had a chance to reflect on their learning during the Unit, by comparing their current level of knowledge with the ideal learning curve of the Unit.
The Sports Day dance practice is intensifying as well. The entire dance has been choreographed thanks to the hard work the students have put into it every day and the only thing left now is to practice the moves until the Sports Day. The students managed to find time to start making all the needed props and gym decorations as well.
On Monday, it was time for the campus’ regular earthquake emergency drill. The students led a discussion on their behaviour during the drill and things to do if there is an actual earthquake emergency. They expressed a desire to know more about the scales we use to measure earthquake, so we spend some time on Wednesday watching and discussing videos that compared intensities of different earthquakes.
On Thursday, preschool afternoon program teacher Keiko Kojima started up a cooking lesson with the students. These lessons will happen once a month for 45 minutes and the students will be involved in the entire cooking process, from preparation of ingredients, through reading the recipe, baking and finally, the clean-up. This month, the students baked their own chocolate cupcakes. Everyone seems to enjoy this activity very much and is excited for their next cooking lesson.
Thank you for following and supporting the learning of grades 4, 5 and 6 for another week. Have a lovely weekend!
みなさん、こんにちは! 日に日に暑くなってきましたが、私達クラスでクラスで行っているアクティビティも熱いです!! UOIの学び、スポーツデイに向けての2つのダンスの準備、小道具や装飾作り、新しく仲間入りした植物の名付け、午後のレッスンなど、みんな多くのやるべき事をうまくやりこなしています。
金曜日は、探究の単元に関連する映画を見る日でした。有名なSF映画 スペースオデッセイ2001を見ました。この映画のストーリーは、AI主導の宇宙ミッションとAIと人間の間に起こりえる対立についてです。AIがパワフルになりすぎたり、人から仕事を奪ったりなど、起こりえるAIの悪影響についての話し合いに火が付き、今学んでいるユニットの3つめの探究の流れにとても価値のある導入となりました。また、現在の知識レベルとこのユニットの理想的な学習曲線を比べ、このユニットを振り返ることもしました。