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Fun day at the park- Rainbow(November 21-25)

公園での楽しい時間 レインボークラスより(11月21日から25日)

Hello everyone,


First and foremost, we would like to thank you for allotting your time for the one-on-one parent-teacher conference. We were glad to talk to the parents about how the kids are doing at school as well as knowing how are kids at home.

It was a dreary morning but it changed to a bright and sunny day. It was a perfect day for us to go and enjoy playing at the park. We went to a diiferent park than usual. It has been a while since we visited this park. Due to the rain last night, play structures are wet, and there are puddles around. Kids were eager to play but they waited for the teacher to wipe off the dew for them. There was a queue at the slide, busy going up and sliding down, some kids enjoyed doing the race with friends, we can hear voices counting from 1-10 to take turns on the animal springers, climbing up and balancing their weight on the steel bars, and some kids enjoyed drawing on the ground. That was a fantastic day for kids, exerting their energy in this cold weather and burning off calories to keep them warm.

It’s counting time! Rainbow kids are very active in answering questions during circle time. In learning numbers, we stuck apples on the board and the kids counted them correctly. We also tested their ability to recognize numbers 1-10. Our little learners enjoyed taking out the ball from the box and recognizing the written numbers on the ball and saying them vocally. Well done, Rainbow!

We celebrated the birthday of our November birthday celebrant. We sang happy birthday and handed to her a birthday card present. She tried showing her 3 fingers when she was asked about her age. Happy birthday, our dear A. Let’s make worth of the remaining months together. We love you.

Christmas show dance practice is going well. We did our first practice with the Meadow class. At first, it took time for the children to calm down and start the dance but they started moving their bodies when the music started. We are hoping that all of us will be in good health and be able to dance on the stage on the day.

Thank you for reading our blog. Keep warm and have a nice weekend.