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We learned to listen to instructions- Rainbow(Feb, 27-March 3)

先生の説明を聞いて行動出来るレインボークラスの子供達 (2月27日から3月3日より)

Hello everyone,

The weather is getting warmer though there is a difference in the temperature between day and night. The warm weather during the day make us feel like spring.

We only have a few days left this year. I feel happy and reliable to see the children who have grown so much. It seems that each of them feels the joy of becoming an older brothers and sisters.

This month, we will be spending our time reviewing the lessons we have learned the whole year. We also want to value the remaining days we have, spend each day making good memories.

This week, we spent a lovely day walking to the park. The warm weather affects our youngsters mood of being positive and cheerful. They had so much fun playing in the park climbing up and down with the play structures, and we also had the chance to play together with Aurora students. They had a blast chasing with each other playing the tail tag.

Doll’s Festival

In celebration of the Doll’s festival, we made a craft of Hina sama and Odairi sama. Our youngsters enjoyed sticking on the parts of the face and used the paint to dye the filter paper for the clothes. They loved their work and are excited to show it to their parents.


As the weather is getting warmer, we are also comfortable with the temperature in the gym. This week, we had another gym instructor came to give us the lesson but in spite of it, kids learned how to follow instructions. They were instructed to make a line to to have their hoops. They made a nice line and waited patiently until they have their turn. This week, we used a small soft hoop to exercise our bodies. Kids tried their own ideas how to play with it. They jumped and stepped in the hoop, rolled and twisted, balanced their leg weight by lifting it up with their both legs. Well done, Rainbow!

Music class

We ended our week having a fantastic time with our music class. Kids love singing the Japanese songs and enjoyed clapping their hands and sang along to the piano.

Family lesson activity

Kids get rid of their bad moods and enjoyed chasing their friends in the classroom in our family lesson activity.

Rewarding kids on their good attitude

Praising kids and value the good attitude they show in the class gives them the motivation to try their best. Good job, Rainbow!

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.