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Enjoy the rest of the days being together-Rainbow(March 13-17)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another fun week here in Rainbow. As the days are getting warmer our youngsters are also energetic as ever. This week, we spent our days moving a lot, done a lot of exercises, and enjoy the days getting along well with each other. Getting our youngsters ready for the next level , we talked about the behaviour they possess and confident of those behavior to becoming an Aurora student. We showed the flashcards of the the things they can do by themselves and let them pick and speak in front of their friends. We encouraged them to say ‘”I can… Make a line, play nicely with friends, put on clothes by myself and etc”. Each of them were eager raising their hands and spoke confidently in front.

Reviewing numbers

Morning circle time is getting lively with our youngsters big voices singing together. They love counting numbers and we did some activities recognising numbers and learning how to count. Rainbow students who love the “horse song” during the music class, also counted the horse pictures and stuck on the appropriate number on the wall. They also had a blast doing the paper cup bowling and counted the cups they hit.

What letter does your name start?

We confirmed if they know the first letter of their names. We practiced how to introduce their names and pointed the letter on the wall. They were able to say… “My name is … Nanami,” And pronounced the letter well, N N Nanami! Good job, Rainbow!

Recognising Letters

We also did an activity of matching the letters of the ball they pick to the toilet paper roll. The teacher say the letter And each student has to go and pick the letter being asked. They really enjoyed this activity. Well done, Rainbow👍

Sea animals

This week, we focused on the children’ s favourite lesson about the sea animals. We did the fishing activity, sea animal detective and feed the shark activities. They were able to name the sea animals and were motivated to participate in the activities.

Feel the warm breeze and had fun under the sun. This season brings everyone a cheerful and brighter day. More outdoor time is linked with improved motor development and getting some sun helps us make vitamin D that the body needs to stay healthy and strong. When we walk, we exercise our muscles and get more active to get going the whole day. We spent a lot of time walking and playing in the park keeping our youngsters all the tim e. They used a lot of energy and as a result, They had a good appetite at lunch. That also helps them to sleep tight.

Playing outdoor makes the children engage in learning. They promote curiosity and creativity. While playing in the park, kids noticed some flowers growing and a colony of ants attracted their attention.

We want to thank and congratulate Milky Way students on their graduation so we made tulips as a sign of our love. Congatulations, Milky Way, we love you🥰

Practice line tracing

How was your day? Kids share their feelings, what they did the whole day and what they enjoyed before saying goodbye.

Music class

We ended our week with the children’s powerful voices singing together in our music class. The music teacher was surprised how energetic they were. Good job, Rainbow👍 You are certified to be the next Aurora students.

A few days left and counting and we will make these remaining days a memorable one.

Thanks you for reading our blog. Have a fantastic weekend.