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The "help" in our community – Shooting Star (Aug 2 – Aug 6)

After our consecutive discussions about buildings in the community, the shoot star class has finally realized that they too are part of the community where these buildings are located and that these buildings affect their lives.

For the past few days, we have been discussing the help we get from different buildings. We have established that without houses, we aren’t going to be protected from the weather outside; without stores/shopping centers, we will not have a place to buy essential things from; without hotels and restaurants or cafes, we will not have a place to relax and unwind; without factories, we will not have things to buy from the stores because no one will make new things for the community; without a museum, theatre and cinemas the community will be bland and especially without hospitals, police station and fire station the community will be unhealthy and unsafe.

To help them realize the importance of each building, we always put them in the situation where these buildings do not exist by asking: would you like to live in a community without this certain building? From their faces and reactions, you’d see that they are thinking, trying to imagine missing these buildings in the community; then we’d follow up with the question: will your life be happy if these buildings do not exist in your community? They would all have the same answers with different reasonings, which help the whole class understand the help we get from the buildings in our community and that we should give importance to them.

We are still busy practicing our routines for the sports festival! We all can’t wait to show our performance to our beloved friends and family.
SSクラスでは今月もスポフェスの練習をしました。猛暑が続いているので、体育館でのジムレッスンができない場合もあります。今週は教室内で練習をしました。みんな パラシュートが大好きなようで、今日はなにが楽しかった?と聞くと「パラシュートの練習!」という声も多数聞かれました。

For our math, we are talking about measuring, but we are focusing on how to measure temperature this time. They learned that the higher the number is, the hotter it is outside. It feels amazing when some students would come to the teacher and ask: What’s the temperature today? Checking the temperature will be part of the morning routine from next month.


The whole class enjoyed our phonics lesson this week. Last week, we learned that it is very important to listen to the beginning sound of the word and the ending sound. This week, to review, we played a game where the kids were able to practice their skills on listening to the ending sound and test if they are rhyming words or not. They were given 3 words per round: Hug, Rug, Mug – If the three words all rhymed and had the same ending sound, they had to stay standing up and if not like flower, tower, juice, they had to sit down to show that the words were not rhyming. The whole class had so much fun!

Practicing writing each week has helped the whole class to be better at writing. All of them now are better writers than before. This week, we practiced writing the words with Short O and U sound.

Thank you for reading our blog! Have a blessed and safe OBON HOLIDAY!