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Family Role Play!

The students had a wonderful time using their imaginations this week. We finished off the line of inquiry with some fun role play. The students picked which family member they wanted to be and then acted out what their role was. Some were dads , moms, sisters and so on. They used the props they had made last week for the activity. It was so much fun!


For the summative assessment the students revisited the first activity they did with SOLO hex. Each hexagon had a member or a role on it and they had to connect them all. This time the students glued them in place. We were able to compare what they knew before the line of inquiry and then what they have learned since then. The students learned a lot from the start to the finish of the inquiry. They all did a great job!


Math this month we finished comparisons between taller and shorter, longer and shorter. They used cubes to measure the two pictures they had to see which one was taller/longer or shorter. These activities will help introduce them to measuring which will be the next topic next month.

今月の数のレッスンは、 longer/shorter、それと taller/ shorterの比較をしました。 二つの絵を並べて、どちらが長いか、または短いか、低いか高いかをキューブを使い測り比べました。この活動は、来月始まる計測に繋げていきます。


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!良い週末をお過ごしください。