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“Our First Day At The Gym” Meadow- June 1-5

Meadowクラス 6月1日から5日 初めての体操

We would like to welcome those who are new to our blog!


In this week, Meadow Class has welcomed two new friends who have just joined us this month. We welcomed them with a warm hello and a courteous smile. We are glad having them in our class.


We have new themes for this month. They are Transportation and Weather. We have learned some kinds of transportation like bus, car, bicycle, airplane, taxi, etc. But the kind of transport we like best is a train. With that in mind, we made a “Name Train” craft and we integrate our previous lesson about Colors and since we are now learning how to recognize the alphabet, we also wrote our name and spelled it to have more fun.

今月は新しいテーマを行っています。交通と天気です。子供たちはバス、車、自転車、飛行機、タクシーなどの様な いくつかの乗り物については既に学んでいます。しかしみんなが一番好きな乗り物の種類は電車です。それを踏まえて、みんなで「名前を入れた電車」の制作を行い、色についての前のレッスンのまとめをしました。また今はアルファベットをどのように理解するのか学んでいます。より楽しめるように自分たちの名前や綴りを書いたりしました。

We finally had our first Gym Class this week. We had lots of fun that even our new friends who just joined us couldn’t help themselves, but move and smile. We enjoyed all the activities, but the one that we like best was doing with a pink hoop. We run, we giggle, and we had fun.


We have new set of songs for Music Class. They are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, You’re My Sunshine, Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree, and Wind The Bobbin Up. We will be singing these songs until July.

Musicのレッスンでは新しい曲を練習しました。”They are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, You’re Sunshine, Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree, そして The bobbin Upです。7月までこれらの曲を歌っていきます。

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Stay safe!