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Let’s Be Creative! (Shooting Star March 16 – 20)

It has been a short week but a fun one. We went to the park for the first time in a very long time. The students were so excited to go. They had such a fun time running around and playing together!

For math the students learned about patterns. They had an introduction to patterns in Aurora but this year it was more complex. The first activity the students made patterns on fish, like scales. They were able to be very creative and the fish are so colorful.

The next activity we did was making patterns with shapes. At first they made basic patters like, hexagon, square, hexagon, square. The next level was making a design with the shapes in patterns. Some made flowers while others tried to make snowflake patterns. We will continue this activity next week as well since they had such a great time.

We are coming up to our last week of school. It has been a wonderful year with everyone. We hope you all have a great long weekend!

今週は4日の登園日でしたが、Shooting Starのお友達はフォニックスや算数などのアクティビティーを楽しみました。今週から公園へのお散歩が再開し、子どもたちは久しぶりのお散歩にうきうき♪公園でもたくさん体を動かして遊べました!

算数のレッスンでは昨年も少しならったパターンを学びました。好きな形の魚さんの模様をペンやキラキラのチップでパターンを作ってみたり、形のパターンを作ってみたり。 最後には形のカードを使って、お花や雪の結晶の模様をパターンにして作成しました。それぞれのラインや位置で同じパターンを繰り返すようによーく考えて、複雑なパターンの模様を作り上げることができましたね!

さて、来週はShooting Star最後の1週間となります!Milky Wayさんになれることを、とても楽しみにしている子どもたち! 来週も健康に楽しく、ISN生活を送りましょう!