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Fun with Odd Stories?! Shooting Star (Nov. 11-15)

For the week being a great autumn weather, children enjoyed playing outside, especially at a park! The students were amazed how beautiful the changing colors of leaves are. “Look at the tree! It’s so beautiful!” “I like the yellow and green tree!” We were excitedly expressing their feelings towards the nature.


Autumn wasn’t just for seeing. As we collected leaves from a park last week and this week (and got some shared from caring Aurora & Canyon classes), we made autumn wreaths! It was hard to stick the dried leaves on a paper plate, but the students all enjoyed choosing different types of leaves and nuts.


For UOI this week, we focused on sequence of a story. We looked at three books “Little Red Riding Hood” “Three Little Pigs” “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. First the teacher read the story using story cards, then mixed up the story cards. It turned out to be a very funny, silly and odd story!! But the Shooting Star students to rescue! They managed to put the story back in the right order! How organized they are! They also communicated each other to think and place each scene in the order. We also learned that a story consists of beginning, middle and end. Next week, we will have individual assessment for story sequence, then move onto the next Line of Inquiry “Ways of presenting a story”.

UOIの時間は、お話の順序について学びました。赤ずきん、3匹のこぶた、3びきのやぎのがらがらどんの3つのお話を、beginning, middle, endという順序に並び替えるアクティビティーをしました。ペアでストーリーカードを持ち、他のペアのお友達と「私たちのカードが先だね」「あなたのカードは最後だよ」とコミュニケーションを取り合いながらお話を完成させることができました。来週は、お話の順序のアセスメント(評価)をした後、「お話を伝える方法」という探求の単元に入っていきます。