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Ghosts and Stories (Shooting Star)

We had a fun week making ghosts and stories. In Shooting Star we are making two different crafts for our Halloween Party decorations. This week we made ghosts. The students were able to practice more with scissors since they had to cut out the ghosts, the eyes, and the mouth for the ghost. They also painted their ghosts white. There were cute ghosts, scary ghosts, funny ghosts, etc. They had fun!
プチプチをお化けの形に切り、白い絵の具を塗って、紙にペタ!水玉模様のお化けの出来上がり!👻 かわいいお化け、おかしなお化け、いろいろな顔のお化けができました。
Unit 3 is all about stories! Our theme is how we express ourselves and our central idea is about how people have different ways of sharing stories. This line of inquiry we’re focusing on now is filled with many different kinds of stories. Stories in books, plays, puppets, comics, and so on. A lot of this unit will be the students creating something. They will also be able to express their ideas with peers. A lot of our activities are group or pair work, so the students will learn how to communicate effectively with others as they create stories throughout the unit.
今月から始まったUnit3では、『人々は様々な方法で物語を伝える』というセントラルアイディアで探求をしています。初めの4週間はWays of telling stories can be different.というテーマで、本や劇、人形やコミック、CDなど様々なものを通して物語を楽しみます。月曜日は先週作った紙袋の人形を使って、お友達とオリジナルの物語を演じてみました!とってもユニークな発想で面白い物語ができました。


また、漫画作りにも挑戦しました!クリスマスショーで演じるLittle Red Riding Hood『赤ずきん』の本を漫画風に作りました。グループのお友達と一緒にそれぞれのキャラクターがなんと言っているか考えてスピーチバブルに書き込みました。とってもクリエイティブなコメントや発言があり、楽しいお話になりました!


We are very excited to see what the students create and accomplish over the next couple months and we hope you are too. Have a wonderful weekend!