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We reap what we planted! (Canyon)

In Autumn, leaves become dry and fall. So before this happen to our sweet potato plant, Canyon and Aurora decided to harvest our crop! We dug and removed the soil to see how big our sweet potatoes were under the ground. They were so excited the moment they saw the purple outer layer of the crop! And their emotion burst out happily when they finally pulled out the whole sweet potato crop!

Are you a bucket filler or a bucket dipper? What does a bucket filler do? What does a bucket dipper do? We’ve been discussing about being a bucket filler and avoiding to be a bucket dipper in our class. They are assessing themselves in the actions they make especially in mingling with their friends. Now, they are more careful on the actions they do and words they say to one another. For their activity, they colored a bucket with the phrases “I AM A BUCKET FILLER!” and written below it was what they should and wanted to do to be a bucket filler. Examples are use walking feet, share toys with friends, use kind words, etc.

In Math, we started talking about ABAB Pattern. We reviewed the different shapes with a song that we used before. Good thing they can still remember the song and the shapes. Then, they were taught how to make ABAB pattern in shapes. Look at the pattern of shapes they created. Well done, Canyon!
算数の学習では、ABABと交互に並んだパターンについて学んでいます。以前歌っていた色々な形の歌を歌って、形の復習をしました。みんなその歌や色々な形の言い方を、ちゃんと覚えていました!その後、色々な形をしたカードを使って、パターン作りをしました。みんな上手にパターンを作ることが出来ました。Well done, Canyon!

Thank you for reading our blog, Canyon families! Happy weekend!