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Shooting Star October 7 – 11

This week in Shooting Star we had fun incorporating our new math topic into our UOI lesson. The students have started to learn about more shapes. We reviewed old ones for new students and then introduced new ones. Some are flat shapes and some were 3D shapes. The students will learn more as the unit goes on.
For UOI the students are learning about different ways people share stories and one of the ways we’re learning about is telling stories with puppets. First they watched a video of someone telling the story of “The Lion and The Mouse” using puppets. After the video we discussed the story in more detail using the 5 w’s and talking about the puppets. The next day the students started making their own puppets to tell a story. They are showing a lot of creativity during these lesson times.
UOIでは、物語を伝える様々な方法について探求しています。今週は人形Puppetsを使ったストーリーのビデオを見たり、実際に好きなキャラクターの紙袋人形を作ってみたりしました。人形劇のビデオでは、”The Lion and The Mouse”という物語を見た後、物語の詳細を5W(What, Who, Where, When, Why)と細かく確認しました。そして、子どもたちは人形を紙袋で作りました。来週の初めに、その人形を使ってそれぞれの物語をお話を作っていきます!

Sadly we had to reschedule our bus trip since the weather was not so nice. The students still were able to enjoy the picnic at the nearby park. It was so nice seeing everyone’s lunches they packed. The food looked so cute it was sad to see it all eaten. We will try to have the bus trip again in a couple weeks.

The weather has been getting colder, so please take care and we hope you all enjoy your long weekend!