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Shooting Star September 17 – 20

It has been a short week but a fun one. We started off by taking a trip to the park. The weather has been nice and cool so it’s been great to spend a lot of time outside exploring.

The students were very excited to start our new book for Shooting Star. This one is about things they see or want others to look at. We have been studying lots of jump out words this year and it’s great to be able to start using them in our writing activities. Not only do the students know the words, now they can use them as well.
子どもたちは新しい絵本作りに夢中になって取り組みました!前回作った本は”I like my” Bookで、それぞれの好きなものを書きました。今回は”My sight Book”と題して、子どもたちが見るのが好きなもの、お友達に見てもらいたいものを”I see a…” “Look at the…”という文章で作りました。

For math we continued to learn about addition. At first we have been practicing using blocks, but this week they’ve started to not use the blocks to solve the problems. The activity this week was making ice cream with numbers. Each popsicle stick had an equation on it. For example; 1 + 1 = ?. The students then needed to find the ice cream with the correct number on it for the equation. It was a lot of fun making the ice cream!
“I love watermelon ice cream!” “Look! I’m making grape ice cream!”などと会話しながら、大好きなアイスづくりを楽しみました。

We have another long weekend so we hope you enjoy it. Have fun and safe travels if you’re going to be traveling.