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Shooting Star June 10 – 14

This has been a fun week with lot’s of activities!
Monday the school had a Dental Training. All the students were shown how to properly brush their teeth. The Shooting Star class had a special training after everyone else went back to their classes. Since then, the children have been more conscience about brushing their teeth well.
歯や口を清潔に保つ理由とその方法をお話いただき、Shooting Starの子どもたちは特別に歯磨き指導を受けました!
トレーニング以降、子どもたちはランチ後に”1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”と10まで数えながらしっかりと磨いています。

Throughout the week we have had our regular activities around Matsumoto city like, gym, swimming class, park, etc. Music has been going very well. The students are learning the songs quickly.

The students have done their summative assessments this week summing up everything they have learned. They have done a great job with their posters and will be on display outside the classroom. We are very proud of them all.
“Every family is different”というユニットの最終週ということで、最後のアセスメントをしました。

Math was very exciting this week. The students in our 4’s and 5 year old class had the chance to use the balance again that is hanging from our ceiling. They used a worksheet to show which items where heavier or lighter. It was a lot of fun!

We hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy Father’s Day!