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Rainforest (June 3rd – 7th)

This was a busy week this week. We started the new unit of IB this week and everyone had fun with it so far which is nice to see. We began the unit by looking at different countries and what makes them different. We looked at the festivals that countries have to see that we can learn about the culture of a country. To help us with this task, we learned where several countries were on a map and watched festivals that are important to the country. The students then got to think about and draw a picture of the festival they wanted to go and see. We began to review how many countries and continents exist in the world. At gym this week, we had fun learning more exercises with hoola hoops. At tennis this week, we continued learning to get better at hitting the ball and playing tennis. This week overall was good. The students are getting along in teams that they were placed in class. This gives them the chance to help each other as well as practice the class rules and IB principles.
Thank you,
Scott Combs