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SS Sept2

Shooting Star did a great job of getting back to our normal school schedule this week. And it’s September! Wow how time files. We are entering the last month, of the first half, of the school year! This month is the last month of our theme: Where we are in place and time focusing on My Community and more specifically Farm Animals.
We had a craft this week where we glued “a wool coat” on our sheep! It was a fun activity and Shooting Star did a great job talking about what wool is, what a coat is, why we need it, what wool can make, and what the farmer’s job is in gathering the wool or shearing the sheep.
We are finished with the pool. We had so much fun swimming in the outdoor pool. It was a nice change to the indoor downtown pool. We played in the sunshine and then laid out on our towels to dry off in the warm sun. Good times with summer fun!
We transitioned back to our reading books very quickly. Almost everyone has remembered to bring their reading folder back every day. Some students have started their 4th page of reading books! This is an important learning exercise on many different levels and Shooting Star love it! Thank you parents for your continued support.
We have two special gym practices this Friday and next for our Sports Festival! We are excited to practice today with our parachute and balls. We will do well and look forward to presenting you with a fun-filled Sports Festival Day!
Have a great weekend and see you Monday!