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Our Family Interview-Shooting Star-May 15th-19th

家族への質問 Shooting Starクラス5月15日から19日より



Shooting Class has its journey to another week of learning through play.

Shooting Starクラスは遊びを通じて新たな学びをスタートさせました。

This week, we continued our class discussion about the different roles of family members. With that in mind, we decided to send a “Family Interview Sheet” home to ask their mom about her role as mommy. We would like to say, Thank you, mommies for sending back the interview sheet with your answer. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We talked about the interview sheet in class and we made a big chart for everyone to stick a sticker for yes and no answer and we counted how many mommies can cook, clean the house, do the laundry, fold clothes, make for a living, play with children, drive for family, and wash the dishes. Then we practiced saying in a complete sentence the roles of mommy at home. Shooting Star has got a deeper understanding of what mommy does at home and they began doing their own role play.

今週、家族が持つそれぞれの役割について意見を交わしました。各々考えて、お母さんの役割についてお母さんに質問するために「家族への質問用紙」を持ち帰ることにしました。答えをご記入頂き返却して下さったお母さま方に感謝申し上げたいと思います。ご協力に心より感謝致します。レッスンの時間に質問用紙について話をし、大きな模造紙に表を書き、Yes, Noに対する答えをシールを貼っていきました。何人のお母さんが料理、掃除、洗濯、洗濯畳み、仕事、お子様と遊ぶ、家族の為に車の運転、そして食器洗いをしているのか数えました。そしてご家庭でのお母さんの行う役割をフルセンテンスで言う練習をしました。Shooting Starクラスはお母さんがお家で何をしているのかを良く理解しており、自分達の役割を理解できました。

This week, Shooting Star class learned the CVC words with the list of -at words family like cat, hat, and bat. Students sounded the letters and connected the puzzle to form a word with a picture. Shooting Star class loved doing it and we learned reading through play. For our writing activity, we learned to write the lowercase letter d in three strokes, round, up, and down. Writing is also part of our daily IB time in the morning.

今週、Shooting Starクラスはcat, hat, batのようにatが後に付くCVCと呼ばれるConsonant-Vowel-Consonant(子音ー母音ー子音)単語を学び、パズルを合わせて絵の付いた単語カードを作りました。Shooting Starクラスの子供達はこのアクティビティが大好きで、遊びを通して学んでいます。文字を書くアクティビティでは丸く、そして上に、下にの書き順である小文字のdを練習しました。朝、登園後に最初に文字を書くことが日課になっています。

We had our Gym lesson this week, too. We tried to work on backbend or bridge exercise and everyone tried practicing with confidence while having fun. We also had so much fun doing varieties of the hula-hoop activities in which one of those was the hopscotch.


We also had our Swimming lesson, Music lesson and we spent fun time at the park with our friends and teachers.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.