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Canyon’s Bus Trip- Canyon(May 15-19)

Hello there!

On the first day of the week, we had a fun day out on our first visit to the park with the class. Our little learners were so attentive listening to the instructions before they start to play. They had a blast playing in the play structures they wanted to play with and exerted their energy going up and down the slide, playing in the diagonal bars, and drawing on the ground. Some kids enjoyed playing in the seesaw and swing and asked their teacher “Push me faster”, and “Push me slower please!” when they weren’t able to have the force to swing by themselves.


How to be balanced…?

We watched the video on how to take care of ourselves. We did the prior assessment on how kids take care of themselves. Kids had a lot of ideas on how to take care of their bodies. Some kids say, I eat cucumber, I eat bananas!, I brush my teeth! I sleep at night! I take a bath!. Yes, all they mentioned are all balanced, since they are doing the right things to take care of their bodies.

We also asked students how to be balanced in school, checking the proper way of putting on their shoes by checking if they are opposite or not. We asked students to demonstrate in front of their friends how to put on their shoes properly. Good job, Canyon!




Bus Trip

The weather was with us on the day of our bus trip. There was a nice wind blowing and it was cool when we were in the park shade. Our bus trip was a successful one since all of the students were able to go and they were able to enjoy playing in nature. We stroll until we arrived at the place where we can eat our lunch and relaxed and played there. We are so proud of our youngsters to have the listening ears when the teachers were talking about the instructions while playing in the park. We tour around the park, saw some fish swimming in the pond, and chased the bubbles blown by the teacher and some friends. Since it was hot, we climbed up the hill to go to the area where we can play with water. Kids took off their socks and shoes and walked in the water. They kept their bodies cool down by playing in the water. The water was too cold but most of the kids enjoyed going back and forth holding hands with their friends while saying “It’s cold!” After playing , their most awaited moment! was eating their parents-made lunch box. They were excited to open and can’t wait to eat them. They were so proud to show them to their friends and teachers. To dear parents, thank you so much for waking up early and preparing for the children’s nice lunchboxes and other important stuff they needed on the day.


バス遠足当日は、お天気に恵まれ風が気持ちよく吹いていて、公園の木陰にいると涼しいくらいでした。キャニオン全員が元気に参加でき、自然の中で遊ぶことができました。公園を一周して、池で泳ぐ魚を見たり、シャボン玉を追いかけたりしました。たくさん走って汗をかいた所で、水遊びができる場所に行きました。湧き水なのか、水がとても冷たく “It’s cold!”と言いながら、何度も水の中に入っては出たり、お友達と手を繋いで川の中を歩き、何度も往復して楽しんでいました。思い切り遊んだ後は、一番の楽しみおべんとうです。早く中身を見たくて仕方がない様子だった子ども達、お友だちや先生に見せながらとても嬉しそうに食べていました。保護者の皆様、子どもたちのために大好きな物がたくさん詰まったスペシャル弁当を用意してくださり、本当にありがとうございました。大満足な遠足になりました!

We are open-minded

In our UOI lesson, kids learn about themselves and the differences among their friends. They learn to be open-minded by respecting their differences. We did some activities like measuring their height, cutting letters of their names and telling their favorite colors. Even they are tall or short, their names may be 5 or 6 or more letters, even if they like the same or different colors, it’s ok and they can still be friends and play together.



Kids may be getting tired as the temperature is increasing every day. Rest well and get recharged on the weekend and see you with a smile on Monday.