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Our Bus Trip in Autumn-Shooting Star-Oct 16-20

秋のバストリップ Shooting Starクラス 10月16日から20日より



Welcome to our third blog in October. Now the leaves have visibly changed their colors and become colorful all around. We may have well and truly waved goodbye to summer, but that doesn’t mean we have said farewell to outdoor adventures!

This week’s highlight of Shooting Star activities was our bus trip to Yoshikawa Park. Everyone was excited to leave for the park with their lunch box and other picnic stuff. Right after our short meeting in the morning, we packed up and got on the bus with super duper excitement. On our way, we enjoyed our time communicating in English together and everyone had their own story to tell. As soon as the bus reached to the park, we got off and walked a slight distance to array our backpacks under the tree. Then we took a group picture with wacky here and there. Then we started playing games in the meadow. We played two sets of games where we enjoyed lots of chasing and running before we moved to the play structure. It’s lunch time! Everyone was excited to open their lunch box. Teachers heard students said, “My lunch is yummy” with satisfied faces. Thank you dear parents for preparing the yummy lunch of our little ones. After lunch, we took an autumnal walk around the park packed with gorgeous fall foliage. We stopped at some points of our walk to pick up some acorns, twigs, and colorful leaves and we enjoyed watching the trains go by. It was indeed a memorable bus trip for Shooting Star class We will be making craft later out of the things that we gathered from the park.

For our unit of inquiry, we did the Feelings Thermometer activity. Each student got a Feelings Thermometer sheet and we identify the different feelings shown on it (happy, sad, angry, nervous, and and the level of emotions (1-5). Then, pictures of different situations were shown to students like, What would you feel if today is your birthday? and they put a circle shape on the emotions and on the level of emotions to express their feelings. Shooting Star class got better in communication by speaking, listening, and reflecting. Now we can manage to communicate more in words and English is our medium of communication. We are communicators!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.