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Look! What our parents do in the community-Shooting Star-Jan. 29th-Feb. 2nd


Welcome to the Cupid’s month, February!

This week, Shooting Star class has done the presentation about what our parents do in the community. After gathering the information that we need to know, we internalized, memorized, and practiced before our presentation. We made sure that we remember the criteria for a good presentation, looking at the audience, using big voice, and standing still. After practicing thoroughly, we began our presentation by stating what our parents do and where they work. Students stood up in front of the class with strong confidence saying, My mommy/ daddy is a…. He/ She works at…..Then, the third question, How does your mommy/daddy help the people in the community, the teacher helped explain using videos and photos for students to understand clearly. The outcome of the presentation was amazing. This week eight students have done their presentation and the rest will do next week.

Now that we can read some CVC words and jump out words, reading has become one of our favorite things to do in the classroom. Aside from our reading time on Tuesday to Friday afternoon, we read quietly a lot after lunch.

We held the Setsubun festival by making a craft and throwing paper balls to ward off evil spirits by saying, Demons out, good luck in. A few of Shooting Star students cried as they were scared with demons while others were brave enough to fight the demons while making a way out to escape.

It’s outdoor time. We couldn’t afford to finish this week without spending time playing outside. The cold never bothered us anyway.

Have a lovely weekend.