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SETSUBUN CELEBRATION- Aurora Feb Jan 29th-Feb 2nd

Hi everyone!
It’s nice to be back! I missed playing and doing various activities with my Aurora class.
Setsubun is coming! It’s one of the traditional Japanese events. It involves throwing beans to drive away bad spirits and welcoming good fortune. As part of the celebration at school, our little ones made an Oni-monster using a boiled egg. They chose the color of the paper they desired and pasted them all over the egg. After that, they put the monster’s eyes, mouth, and horn. We also practiced how to throw beans when the Oni-monster comes to our class. Some of our youngsters said, “I’m not afraid of Oni.” Well done, Aurora!

In our UOI lesson, we are now in Unit 4, and we are learning about the different types of transportation. Our kids are enjoying this topic a lot and sharing what types of transportation they know. They’re also loving our new toys in our playroom! Creating this kind of learning space for our young ones helps them to get involved, familiarize, and broaden their knowledge about our lesson.

For this week’s activity, we did a math lesson where we talked about “big and small.” Our youngsters were divided into 4 groups and discussed with their groupmates which transportation is bigger or smaller. We practiced saying “_________is bigger than a ___________.” Great job!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!